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I am planning to add adult warning in the index page of this Bangalore escorts website. While opening it will show a small window which has two options like I am 18 years and let me in and another option I am under 18 I would like to exit from this website. This adult warning is using most of the similar websites in west side but in India nobody showing interest to show such adult content warning. This is truly against the low. Showing adult content on the websites is not an issue but if we add an alert on that it will be good for the minor users to exit from the website as soon as they reach there.

I have collected some templates of adult warning to add in my website but all of them are not good. I need to choose the best one based on the studies. I have seen lots of websites that offering Bangalore escorts services but none of them has added the adult warning alert in their websites. I hope that after adding in my personal escorts websites some of them will be ready to add the same in their website in future. I am planning to add it within one week and will be visible in the index page while opening my Bangalore escorts website.

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